The Adelphi Alumni Playwrights Group was created in June 2020 to serve as a workshop space to reignite creativity and foster the artistic process within the comfort of the Adelphi Alumni community.  It is our hope that engaging in active conversations about change will allow us to respond to the now with artistry, responsibility, and empathy.

A New Full-Length Reading Festival

The Adelphi Alumni Playwrights Group Presents

Literary Manager and Producer Megan Lohne 

Resident Director and Digital Architect Brittany Mills

Weekend 1
by Kayte Duren
Friday, April 16th at 7pm
Soft Love
by William Meurer
Saturday, April 17th at 2pm
by Benjamin Farha
Saturday, April 17th at 7pm
Virginia Slims
by Greg Carey
Sunday, April 18th at 2pm
Weekend 2
Still Waters Run Deep
by Jess Kreisler
Friday, April 23rd at 7pm
Like Other Girls
by Stephanie Jay Gajeski
Saturday, April 24th at 2pm
The Great American
Science Fair
by Megan Lohne
Saturday, April 24th at 7pm
by Rae Bartolai
Sunday, April 25th at 2pm
Weekend 3
The Ties That Bind
by Colin Murphy
Friday, April 30th at 7pm
Fascists and the People Who Kill Them 
by Kyle Smith​
Saturday, May 1st at 2pm
Winter Mainstage 
by Michael DiFrancisco​
Saturday, May 1st at 7pm
by Daniel Ciba​
Sunday, May 2nd at 2pm

Resident Stage Manager 

Samantha Stone

Resident Artist and Digital Designer 

Laura Ryan

Production Team

Co-Stage Manager 

Meg Rosenberg

AAPG Member Playwrights

Benjamin Farha, Colin Murphy, Daniel Ciba, Greg Carey, Jess Kreisler, Kayte Duren, Kyle Smith, Megan Lohne, Michael DiFrancisco, Rae Bartolai, Steff Gajeski, William Meurer

Adelphi Alumni Directors

Andrea Bertola Shaw, AJ Mattioli, Brittany Mills, Camile Arnone, Dan Ciba, James Joseph O'Neil, Joanna Georghiou, Lisa Gaylord, Maggie Lally, Michelle Cohen-Carpenter, Monica Athenas, Tasha Berol